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“How to engage every participant ? How to leverage collective intelligence ? Meetingsift provides us a fantastic answer to these key requirements during events.”

Roselyne L.
Roselyne L.DirectorL’Oreal

“This is like running meetings on steroids. More engagement, better feedback, instant polling of opinions or to make decisions and more.”

Matt Heinz
Matt HeinzPresidentHeinz Marketing

“MeetingSift was a lifesaver in our training in Hong Kong recently. The group of young managers were very shy to speak up. They were laughing and really engaged with the MeetingSift screen as replies came in.”

Marie R. Miyashiro
Marie R. MiyashiroPresident & Chief Facilitation OfficerElucity Network

“MeetingSift saved us probably 90 minutes over the 9ish hours of agenda, which left us more time for the deep-dive, deep-content conversations leadership needs to have”

Jody Lentz
Jody LentzFacilitator

“MeetingSift does a great job unifying in-person and remote participants. We find that the visual, immediate feedback helps the entire audience engage meaningfully regardless of physical location.”

Andrew Hughes
Andrew HughesPlenary Vice-ChairIDESG

“Not only do you collect feedback, but MeetingSift’s dynamic visual real-time display of responses through word clouds or other graphics amplifies the engagement. We recommend it highly.”

Gregg Kendrick
Gregg KendrickIC Globally

“MeetingSift really changed the dynamic of our meetings and presentations. It instantly allowed us to engage a broad audience and gain feedback that we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to hear.”

David Walsh
David WalshPresident & Chief AdvisorZoo Advisors

“MeetingSift is easy to use, embraces BYOD, gives more structure to meetings and provides great ways to evaluate information.”

Gary Oxenham
Gary OxenhamInternal Communications ProfessionalHeadlines UK

“MeetingSift really held the attention of the group through what would otherwise have been a difficult day for all. This is a very powerful meeting and training tool I plan to use in Asia every time now! ”

Marie R. Miyashiro
Marie R. Miyashiro President & Chief Facilitation OfficerElucity Network

“MeetingSift has not only engaged but produced usable results to make the meeting productive and the followup easier.  We recommend it for your organization”

Sharon Moriwaki
Sharon MoriwakiCo-ChairHawaii Energy Policy Forum

“MeetingSift provides all participants with an opportunity to share their views in their own words in real time…including contributions from those who don’t usually speak up.”

Linda Colburn
Linda ColburnPresidentWhere Talk Works

“Once you’ve used MeetingSift, you won’t want to go back to open mic or paper Q&A again. Users know their answers are being included, and that encourages them to participate.”

Jay Fidell
Jay FidellPresidentThinkTech

“Especially for larger groups, we get better quality feedback, from more participants, in less time, with less effort than with any other facilitation strategy we have used. We recommend it highly.”

Gregg Kendrick
Gregg KendrickIC Globally

“We set up MeetingSift meeting agendas on the fly, and with 30 seconds of training our presenters are good to go, supported by moderators off-stage. It’s easy to use and explain.”

Andrew Hughes
Andrew HughesPlenary Vice-ChairIDESG

“The presenting tools were easy to master and intuitive for participants to use. We would definitely recommend the service to raise meeting engagement to the next level.”

David Walsh
David Walsh President & Chief AdvisorZoo Advisors

“MeetingSift really engages and energizes your meeting and event participants! Our participants loved MeetingSift!”

Leigh-Ann Miyasato
Leigh-Ann MiyasatoPresidentEntrepreneurs Foundation Hawaii

“We cannot say enough about how effective MeetingSift is in bringing together people to address mutual interests.”

Sharon Moriwaki
Sharon MoriwakiCo-ChairHawaii Energy Policy Forum

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